CarPass is a feature of the iChangi app that allows Changi Rewards members to redeem complimentary parking from parking promotions seamlessly when they shop at participating retail and F&B outlets in Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport. It replaces the redemption of physical parking coupons over the counter.

With CarPass, you no longer have to go to the Terminal 3 Basement 2 Information Counter or Jewel Level 1 Concierge to redeem a physical parking coupon.

In addition, you do not need to remove your cash card at the car park exit gantry to enjoy the parking rewards. Instead, once the parking reward is redeemed via CarPass, you can simply drive up to the car park exit gantry and the relevant parking reward would be automatically deducted based on your IU number and Changi Rewards membership.

You need to have the iChangi app and be a Changi Rewards member to redeem parking rewards via CarPass.

If you already have the iChangi App installed on your device

a. With a CarPass QR code on your receipt:
  • (1) Scan the QR code on your receipt, which will launch your iChangi app
  • (2) Redirect automatically to CarPass module within your iChangi app
  • (3) Verify/Input your vehicle license plate number and the IU number returned
  • (4) Click “Proceed” to confirm IU number
  • (5) Parking rewards will be auto-credited to CR member’s account
a. If there is no CarPass QR code on your receipt:
  • (1) Login to your iChangi app
  • (2) Launch the CarPass module
  • (3) Verify/Input your vehicle license plate number and the IU number returned
  • (4) Click “Proceed” to confirm IU number
  • (5) Select relevant parking promotion for redemption
  • (6) Select option to upload an image of receipt
  • (7) Key in the receipt details and redeem the parking rewards
If you do not have the iChangi App installed on your device yet
Please install the iChangi App from the respective app stores:
IOS devices:
Android devices:
You can also install the iChangi app by scanning the QR code on your qualifying receipt or the promotion tent card in the outlets.
Once the app has been installed, you can proceed to redeem your parking privileges as described in the paragraphs above.

You can use CarPass to redeem parking coupons whenever there is/are ongoing parking promotion(s) at Changi Airport or Jewel. Do note that terms and conditions will apply for the parking promotions.

To find out more about the latest parking promotions, please refer to:

You can call our hotline at 6595 6868 [24 hours daily] to speak with our Customer Service Representatives or write to us at

Changi Rewards parking rebate is an ongoing privilege under the Changi Rewards programme and can be redeemed via the iChangi app and at

It is stackable with the parking rewards available on CarPass.

There is no need for you to redeem your Changi Rewards parking benefits through CarPass if you are a Gold or Platinum member as it is automatically accorded to you under the Vehicle IU number in your member profile as you exit the car park.

To find out more about the parking benefits as Changi Rewards member, please refer to:

Yes, most parking promotions are stackable with the Changi Rewards parking benefits.

To illustrate:
As a Changi Rewards (Gold Tier) member, you are entitled to 1 hour of free parking with a minimum S$35 nett spend at Changi Airport’s public areas in all terminals (excluding Jewel) daily. Once the $35 purchase is made, the parking benefit is credited into the IU number in your member profile. If you also qualify for an ongoing parking promotion after shopping or dining at the public areas of the terminals, you can redeem an additional 2 hours of complimentary parking under CarPass. In total, you will enjoy 3 hours of free parking that day.
For more details and the full terms and conditions of ongoing parking promotions, please refer to:
For the latest updates on the parking benefits Changi Rewards members enjoy, please refer to:

Yes, before redeeming your parking rewards on CarPass, you will be prompted to update your IU number and the parking reward(s) will be accorded to that car.

You can also update your IU number in the Changi Rewards portal (

For first-time registration or update of IU number in CarPass, the updated details will be reflected immediately in your Changi Rewards account. For Platinum members, your 2-hour parking benefits will only be updated the following day.

You can update your IU number on your Changi Rewards member profile via the iChangi App, through or through CarPass.

You can still redeem physical parking coupons for on-going parking promotions till 27 Sep 2020.

For a seamless experience, you are strongly encouraged to redeem your parking rewards using CarPass. Physical parking coupons are still available for redemption by Malaysia-registered car owners without an IU installed in said vehicle (only for eligible customers with qualifying receipts).

With the introduction of CarPass, your parking charges will be off-set based on the following sequence:

  • 1. Relevant parking rewards redeemed under the Jewel and Changi Airport parking promotions,
  • 2. Changi Rewards Platinum or Gold member parking benefits,
  • 3. PlayatJewel membership parking benefits
  • 4. Parking rebates redeemed with Changi Rewards points,
  • 5. Any physical parking coupon issued by Changi Airport or Jewel Changi Airport, and lastly
  • 6. Cash Card / Autopass Card

*Please refer to the terms and conditions for the respective parking privileges.


Changi Rewards is Changi Airport’s loyalty programme which offers members various exclusive privileges at Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport. Members’ benefits include GST-absorbed shopping at participating retail and F&B outlets at the public areas of Changi Airport’s terminals, parking benefits and invitations to exclusive events. Membership is free.

Find out more about Changi Rewards here:

You can sign up for Changi Rewards through the iChangi app or at